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About Public Notices

The Idaho Business Review publishes legal notice in Ada County, Idaho.

What Are Public Notices?

A public notice is information informing citizens of government or government-related activities that may affect the citizens' everyday lives. Public notices are required by law to be published in a newspaper meeting specific legal criteria in regards to their circulation and distribution.

Court Notices

Purpose: To inform the public regarding legal actions and provide the opportunity to object to conflicts of interest, step forward if they have a claim against an estate or business in default, or to otherwise protect their interest in the matter.

Example: Probate, adoption, orders for protection, harassment hearings and real estate notices.

Citizens are often the best watchdogs of a government. Citizens have repeatedly used public notices to discover fraud and waste by government officials Ð and to find financial opportunities for themselves.

Real Estate Notices

What You Need To Know: Real estate notices occur when the borrower fails to make the agreed upon payments and the lender finds it necessary to seize and sell the property for repayment of the loan.

At this point, the lender and/or trustee sends the borrower a Notice of Trustee's Sale. This Notice of Trustee's Sale must be printed in the newspaper once a week for a 4-week period before the public auction can be held. The Notice of Trustee's Sale must contain the borrower and lender(s) name, the original loan amount and current amount of default, the date of the mortgage, description of the property, time, place and date of the real estate sale. At any time, after the four-week initial run has completed, a postponement may occur, delaying or possibly ending the foreclosure process.

If a real estate notice runs the full four-week cycle, then the public auction will take place and the property will be sold to the highest bidder. This individual will receive the certificate of sale, which includes the amount of the sale and the amount left unpaid on the loan.

Searching Public Notices Online

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Public Notice Advertising: Since our country was founded, laws have existed requiring that citizens be given access to information regarding government activities. Public notices in newspapers continue to provide that accessibility and new electronic forms of public notice are now making it easier for all of us to be well-informed citizens.

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